Amenadiel : Meaning, Presence in the Bible and Lucifer Series

Amenadiel is an angel who has appeared in various ancient books such as Theurgia-Goetia and The Book of Enoch. He has taken relevance because he appears in the famous TV series Lucifer, which was released on the FOX channel in 2016.

He is an angel considered as one of God’s cherubs for theologians and scholars, who became a demon for having rebelled and been expelled from heaven. What is commonly called ‘fallen angel.’

His identity and origin are uncertain since there is little information about this angel. From this uncertainty, several theories have emerged as to who Amenadiel really is.

One theory, based on the ancient magic book Steganographia by Johannes Trithemius (1462-1516), holds that Amenadiel is an aerial spirit created as a combination of the roles of the archangels Michael and Gabriel since he is both Chief of God’s army and its messenger. As an air spirit, Amenadiel exists between the Earth and the sky.

Furthermore, based on various medieval texts describing these spirits, he may be an angel or a spirit of ambiguous nature that can do both good and evil.

Another theory says that it is the same Lucifer due to the fact that his powers and other characteristics are almost the same. At the same time, another hypothesis assures us that these similarities are because he is not Lucifer, but his brother.

Amenadiel Meaning

“Divine Punishment” is the meaning of Amenadiel’s name. This is because, as one intuits, he was responsible for punishing with the loss of the Father’s (God’s) blessing or with the condemnation to hell of every being who opposes God.

Amenadiel in the Bible

Is Amenadiel a real angel? Despite being named in texts of some ancient books, Amenadiel does not appear in the Bible as many believe.

Amenadiel does have a leading role in Renaissance works, such as the magic book Theurgia-Goetia, originally based on the book Steganographia by Johannes Trithemius, and the Book of Enoch expelled from the Old Testament canon.

Amenadiel in Theurgia Goetia

Theurgia Goetia is the second book of Solomon’s Minor Key.

In it, Amenadiel is classified as the Great King of the West. He commands approximately 300 grand dukes, 500 lesser dukes, 12 hierarchical dukes, and a loyal court with a vast number of lower spirits.

Being a book of demonology, it describes Amenadiel as a day and night demon that can be summoned at any time. The best option is to use a crystal ball or other reflective object or surface to observe his true form better to conjure him up.

Amenadiel in the Book of Enoch

The Book of Enoch mentions Amenadiel as a fallen angel. He was one of those who rebelled against the heavenly Father by joining the planned race to create a new kingdom without God.

After being a valued and recognized heavenly figure, he was defeated by the archangel Michael and then sent to hell and the other angels who were part of that revolt.

Amenadiel in Encyclopedia of Angels

In the Encyclopedia of Angels, the name “Amnediel” appears, possibly being another way of saying Amenadiel.

In this book, he is described as one of the 28 angels who rule the moon’s mansions. He bestows friendship, love, and happiness to travelers.

Amenadiel in the Lucifer series

Lucifer is an urban fantasy television series that premiered on FOX television in 2016. Its main character is based on Neil Gaiman’s Lucifer from The Sandman, and on Lucifer, the story written by Mike Carey, based on the character of The Sandman.

In this series, Amenadiel is represented as Lucifer’s brother and one of the fallen angels who come to Earth and transforms into a human being.

After being banished, Lucifer was sent to rule hell for all eternity and was called Satan; but he got tired of ruling that kingdom and decided to flee to Earth, specifically to Hollywood, a neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles (United States).

When this occurs, Amenadiel perceives an imbalance between good and evil before his eyes, so he proposes to go and look for Lucifer and convince him to return to reign in hell.

Lucifer becomes the Lux bar owner and begins to collaborate with Detective Decker of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in solving crimes. Meanwhile, Amenadiel watches him closely, and different adventures are developed in the series.

Amenadiel in DC Comics Lucifer and others

Amenadiel has appeared in old books, but also in modern works such as the DC Cómic comics. Specifically in Lucifer, which is based on the character of The Sandman.

In The Sandman, written by Neil Gaiman, Lucifer appears as a secondary character. Then, Mike Carey wrote a spin-off series with 75 numbers, where Lucifer is the main character, and the series has his name.

In Carey’s series, Amenadiel is an angel who represents the violent, vengeful, dictatorial, and totalitarian aspects of the Heavenly Kingdom. Also, he has a great hatred for Lucifer, so he is continuously planning attacks against him.

Amenadiel plans attacks against Lucifer, ranging from curses to a challenge to fight him directly in person. He is willing to sacrifice any number of innocent beings willingly or unwillingly to fulfill his vengeance.

Before this, Lucifer plans his counterattacks very well and always manages to defeat Amenadiel. The sacrifice of millions of souls is considered collateral damage of no importance to Lucifer and Amenadiel.

None gives importance to the loss of innocent victims in their combats. However, Amenadiel only plans attacks to start a fight with Lucifer, and Lucifer only plans them to fight with others, whom he considers to corrupt moral codes.

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